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Marketing isn't Magic...but the Right Marketing Strategy Can Have 'Magical' Results
We have over 20 Years of experience in Marketing. Yes, we remember how marketing was done before the Internet was publicly available.
We perform a comprehensive 360 degree assessment of your current Marketing plan before giving recommendations.
We have a full team of Web Developers, Graphic Designers, and Social Media Analysts to push your Marketing to the next Level.
We will create, track, and implement your custom solution and give you full access to view project progress in our proprietary Client Project Tracking System.
What Makes Us Different from Other Marketing Agencies?

Red Raccoon Interactive was founded on the fundamental principle that Marketing is not a "One-Size-Fits-All" service. Each client is unique and comes with their own goals and experiences. We view our services as your investment in your business. We work with you to access your particular needs to develop a custom plan to accomplish your specific goals, keeping in mind that your Return on Investment is key to the success of any plan that we design and implement. We don't try to dazzle you with unintelligible 'hocus pocus' to get your business. Marketing isn't Magic, but the right plan can seem magical...and there's nothing wrong with that.

We work with you to determine what do you want to accomplish with your product or service. We help you to define the objectives of your business while staying true to your company image and side-stepping unrealistic lofty objectives and goals. We have all heard the saying – shoot for the moon, so you land in the stars. While it's sound advice to push your team, it may not be the right approach to justify spending hard-earned dollars.
We look at what you want to achieve, make sure it it's Specific, Measurable, and Acheivable.

Static Strategies are surefire losers, because as the competitive and social landscape changes around you, change is mandatory. We believe Strategy is an evolution, and not something typically decided over a cup of coffee and scones. We will work with you to take the time to think through viable strategic directions that will result in the creation of a first-rate marketing plan. Whichever strategies we chose to achieve the objective, we make sure they fit within your budget and allow timely and effective execution.

Execution is where the majority of beautifully laid plans die a slow and painful death. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you have the right people, tools and processes to carry out the planned activities to support the strategy and achieve the objective. Execution of your marketing strategy should occur with clockwork precision and surgical accuracy. Sure, you need strategists, but without people who can actually do the work, your plan is just that – a plan.

We realize that the tool is not the solution all by itself. A truly effective and workable Marketing Plan involves...well...planning. We spend the lion's share of our initial assessment of your current Marketing strategies developing a plan that is custom-made for your specific goals and challenges. We have just about every tool imaginable that can be implemented in a Marketing strategy. The key is knowing when to use the right tool to get the desired results.
Using Our Proprietary Marketing Blueprint
Will Turn Your Efforts into Results
(i.e. Results means Revenue)
Red Raccoon Interactive Knows How to Help You Engage and
Retain More Customers
We understand how to effectively engage and build relationships with your customers. We take the time to understand what you have to offer and where it intersects with your customers' needs. Having the right tools is important, but knowing how, when and why to use the most appropriate tool is even more important.
Money Coming in Means You've Made the Right Marketing Decisions
You have the option to spend your hard earned business dollars on a myriad of marketing services. At the end of the day, when all of the dust settles, the primary indicator of whether it was money well spent is your ROI of Return on Investment. Every dollar you spend should bring back significantly more than a dollar. Breaking even is for losers. Our goal is to create and prime your custom Marketing Machine so that it produces a lot more money than you put into it.
In Marketing You Must Choose Between Boredom, Shouting, and Seduction. Which Do You Choose?
Marketing is equal parts Art, Science, and Seduction. We realize that your Marketing Strategy must be a balance of these quintessential elements to work effectively. Our primary strategy is to attract new customers to your brand and product or service offering. Next we help you to turn that instant rapport into a full-fledged relationship. Looking absolutely awesome while you're doing all of this never hurts either. We'l show you how.
Your Business is Your Life. Think Big or Close up Shop and Save Yourself the Agony of Failure.
Your business is your life. It embodies your very essence. We believe that thinking big is part of the key to success. The other essential ingredient to the formula is taking action to support your Marketing goals. Thinking big doesn't necessarily mean that you have to lose sight of reality. Thinking big means implementing world-class Marketing solutions and strategies just like the big boys and girls do. Going small and cutting corners eventually results in small and mediocre results.
That’s Cool… But What Else Can
Red Raccoon Interactive
We are a full-service Marketing Agency with a broad range of expertise and capabilities. One thing you can count on is that we won't throw everything and the kitchen sink at you...unless you really need everything and the kitchen sink!

Mobile Marketing
We can provide Text Message/SMS services, Mobile Application Development, QR Code Strategies, and Mobile Website Development

Expert SEO Analytics
We perform true SEO Analytics that take into account what your competitors are doing to rank for relevant keywords in your vertical market.

Social Media Branding
We design custom cover photos, backgrounds, headers, and profile pictures for you brand for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, & Google+

List Building
We build and implement custom email list building strategies, Sales Funnels, Landing Pages, and Retargeting campaigns.
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